BAD AUNTY: The truth about the NT intervention and the case for an independent media

THE Northern Territory intervention was extended last month by the Gillard government for another decade with the support of the Liberals and Nationals, despite the fact the policy is failing badly. And it couldn’t have happened without the support of the nation’s media, one institution in particular. The ABC, also known as Aunty. [Read more…]

Another golden chance to grill Gillard on Stronger Futures slips by

Prime Minister Julia Gillard… a screen shot from her appearance on

PRIME MInister Julia Gillard ventured onto the world wide web over the weekend for an innovative online ‘face the people’ session.

In cooperation with Fairfax Media, hosted ‘Hangout with the Prime Minister’, a one hour grilling of the PM on a live web forum, with users able to vote on the most popular questions. [Read more…]

THE LIAM JURRAH STORY: An opportunity for change

LESS than a month ago, the federal government passed legislation extending the Northern Territory intervention for another 10 years. It barely rated a mention in the mainstream media.

But this week, Aboriginal people – and one in particular – are very much in the media spotlight. [Read more…]

Does violence have a place in Aboriginal protest?

ABORIGINAL people are routinely told that ‘Violence is never the answer’. But when it suits white interests, violence is frequently the answer. [Read more…]

White man’s democracy is a black man’s dysfunction

A BIG part of the reason why Aboriginal people are so disadvantaged is because Aboriginal politics is so factionalised. At least, it is if you ask the average white Australian commentator.

I was reminded of this ‘white truth about black political life’ during a recent event at the National Press Club in Canberra, where Dr Dawn Casey was speaking on the future of Aboriginal economic development. [Read more…]

NSW Labor condemns federal party policy on income management

The annual NSW state Labor conference, staged at Town Hall in Sydney.

IN A SIGN that the political cracks are starting to appear, the NSW Labor Party’s annual state conference has passed a resolution calling on federal Labor to abandon compulsory income management across the nation, and instead direct funding to boost social services and job creation. [Read more…]

Racist, misogynistic, homophobic ranting energy mogul fined over misleading ads

BEN Polis was a young rising star of the Australian energy industry. Energetic himself, Polis was on top of the world, as co-founder and CEO of EnergyWatch, a company he claimed was worth $100 million, and which reportedly made close to $12 million in the 2011 financial year.

And then he started a Facebook account and began telling everyone what he thought. About everything. [Read more…]

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