Aboriginal voters vent their fury… and change a government

SINCE it was awarded self government in the late 1970s, the Northern Territory elections have always been decided by 10 key seats in the northern suburbs of Darwin. Aboriginal voters out bush were never able to change a government in their own right. Tonight, all that changed. [Read more…]

ULLADULLA DREAMING: A brighter future in spite of the bureaucrats

THERE’S two ways you can read this story. One from the ‘glass half empty’ perspective. One from the ‘glass half full’ perspective. Shane Carriage, the CEO of the Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council, is very much a glass half full kind of guy, although after battling 12 years to complete an ambitious land dealing that would provide jobs, an income and independence for his people, he’s keenly aware that what he almost ended up with was a glass neither half full nor empty, just broken. CHRIS GRAHAM reports. [Read more…]

Abbott blind to reality on Cape York listening tour

Opposition leader Tony Abbott… another day, another tour of the Cape York to hear precisely what he wants from the people most likely to tell him.

TONY Abbott spent the weekend doing his brand of a “listening tour” by rolling up his sleeves up and helping renovate a school library in the small Cape York community of Aurukun, writes CHRIS GRAHAM.

Let’s cut to the chase — was it a good thing, or a bad thing? Depends on your perspective. Good if you’re looking for a headline. Not so good if you’re looking for a way out of entrenched disadvantage. I’ll come back to the latter in a minute. [Read more…]

BRINGING BACK THE BROUGH: 10 of the worst things Mal did in office

Mal Brough has won Liberal National Party pre-selection for the seat of Fisher, virtually guaranteeing him a seat in federal parliament in 2013… unless voters find out about his past performance, of course.

THE best predictor of someone’s future behaviour is their past behaviour. Which means that with Mal Brough winning pre-selection for the federal seat of Fisher, parliament is in for a sideshow the likes of which it hasn’t seen since… well, the last time Brough was there.

Brough’s win in the Liberal National Party’s pre-selection for the seat of Fisher means he’ll almost certainly be back in federal parliament by 2013.

But contrary to widespread media reports, Fisher is not a safe seat. It holds a margin of less than eight percent, way down on the glory days of 20-plus percent in 2004 which it enjoyed under Peter Slipper. [Read more…]

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