Freestyling Tony goes a pledge too far

Top-end-Tony_1WHEN Tony Abbott, a month out from the 2013 election, decided to ‘riff it freestyle’ during a speech at the annual Garma Festival, it’s reasonable to assume that the hearts of his advisers were in their mouths, writes CHRIS GRAHAM*. [Read more…]

VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE: How black Australia rejected Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott... he wants to be the 'Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs'.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott… he wants to be the ‘Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs’.

TONY Abbott is the new ‘Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs’. One problem: no-one bothered to ask Aboriginal people if they even wanted him. It turns out they didn’t, if the most in-depth analysis of Aboriginal voting intentions ever conducted is anything to go by. CHRIS GRAHAM explains. [Read more…]

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