From New Matilda: Curriculum Reviewer Barry Spurr Mocks ‘Abos, Mussies, Women, Chinky-Poos’

A University of Sydney Professor – employed by the federal government as a specialist consultant to review the national English curriculum – has described the Prime Minister as an “Abo lover” while at the same time advising the government to focus less on teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature in our nation’s schools, and place greater emphasis on western Judeo-Christian culture.

In email correspondence that spans more than two years, Barry Spurr, the nation’s leading Professor of Poetry, describes Aboriginal people as ‘human rubbish tips’ and “Abos”, and rails against the prevalence of Aboriginal culture in school curriculums, and within politics. But the exchanges are not just limited to First Nations people.

Professor Spurr also takes aim at “bogans” “fatsoes”, “Mussies” and “Chinky-Poos”, and laments the reality that Australia is less white than it was in the 1950s.

He calls Nelson Mandela a “darkie” and Desmond Tutu a “witch doctor”; describes his University of Sydney chancellor Belinda Hutchinson as “an appalling minx”; likens Methodists to “serpents”; refers to women as “whores”; and in response to a comment about a female victim of a serious sexual assault being a “worthless slut”, he suggests that she needs more than just ‘penis’ put in her mouth, before it’s “stitched up”.

In one email, Professor Spurr tells university colleagues and friends that 95 per cent of the students at Australian universities – including, presumably his own – should not be studying at tertiary institutions, and remarks that a colleague who publicly advanced that argument will be “derided as elitist, fascist, misogynist – the usual litany”.

“[But] he’s completely right. One day the Western world will wake up, when the Mussies and the chinky-poos have taken over,” he adds.

Even the “modern Brit” comes in for a serve, described by Professor Spurr as “the scum of the earth”.

Between September 2012 and late 2014, the emails were sent to around a dozen people, including very senior academics and officials within the University of Sydney.

Professor Spurr has this morning defended his email exchanges, telling New Matilda they were clearly intended to mock the “very extreme language” used.

“The comments that you refer to are largely to one recipient with whom I have had a whimsical linguistic game for many years of trying to outdo one another in extreme statements.

“These statements are not reflections of my views or his.

“What I say about the place of the study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language and literature in the curriculum is my considered professional view and not in any way influenced by these email exchanges which are linguistic play, and the numerous students of different races and of colour with whom I have worked for many years will testify that I have treated them with the same equity and dignity that I treat all my students.

“I find it astonishing that you would think that I would seriously hold those views and not realise, as a journalist, that these are emails of mock-shockng (sic) repartee, mocking, in fact, that very kind of extreme language.”

A source within the University of Sydney, connected to the School of Letters, Art and Media (SLAM) – which includes the English Department – has confirmed that the emails were sent from Professor Spurr’s official university email address.

Ironically, SLAM has been the subject of an ongoing attack in The Australian newspaper this week, with Media Editor Sharri Markson alleging the journalism department at the University of Sydney has been “brain-washing” students with biased, left-wing course material which attacks conservatism and rubbishes her employer, News Corporation.

Professor Spurr was chosen by the Abbott Government to serve on the National Curriculum Review, headed by Professor Ken Wiltshire and Dr Kevin Donnelly. The final report was handed to the Abbott Government late last week.

The review is proposing to alter the national school curriculum introduced in 2011 by the Labor government.

Professor Spurr’s contribution to the review was in the area of English studies. He argues that contribution of First Nations writers to Australia’s literary tradition has been “minimal” and that the focus of the curriculum should be on western civilisation and Judeo-Christian heritage.


“The impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on literature in English in Australia has been minimal and is vastly outweighed by the impact of global literature in English and especially that from Britain, on our literary culture,” Professor Spurr writes.

His comments are given additional weight in the final report, which notes that the “emphasis” on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature was “criticised for undervaluing Australian literature and the place of Western literature, particularly poetry”.

Those views have been strongly backed by Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, who described the review as having an “absence of ideology”. On ABC Lateline earlier this week he defended the recommendations to focus the curriculum away from Aboriginal culture towards “our Judeo-Christian heritage”.

“Before 1788, our history was Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history almost exclusively. Since that time, obviously since colonisation, Western civilisation, our Judeo-Christian heritage has been the basis of our development as a nation,” Pyne said.

“So therefore, learning about where we’ve come from is not ideological, it’s simply learning about where we’ve come from…. But knowing about our Western heritage is not repudiating our Indigenous heritage and it’s not Christianity, it’s just history.”

That mirrors Professor Spurr’s public statements in the review, but it’s a world away from what Professor Spurr says privately about Aboriginal people and culture.

While publicly, he argues the Aboriginal contribution to Australian literature is “minimal”, privately, he says the ‘Abo’ contribution is non-existent.

In an email written in April 19 this year, sent to two friends outside the University of Sydney, Professor Spurr reveals that Education Minister Christopher Pyne – the man who appointed him to the review – wants him to compare Australian school curriculums with curriculums from other countries.

“The Californian high school English curriculum has arrived (as Pyne wants me to compare ours with other countries). Another 300 pages of reading!

“And whereas the local curriculum has the phrase ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’ on virtually every one of its 300 pages, the Californian curriculum does not ONCE mention native Americans and has only a very slight representation of African-American literature (which, unlike Abo literature, actually exists and has some distinguished productions).”

In response to that specific discrepancy, Professor Spurr explained this morning: “My considered view is that it is very small, perhaps not zero precisely, so I used the term ‘slight’ to be as positive as I could be.”

Professor Spurr’s commentary on Aboriginal people and culture – and people of colour generally – are littered throughout the years of correspondence.

In April 2014, he rails against a ceremony at Uluru for the visiting royals, Prince William and Princess Catherine, at which entertainment is provided by “well known Aboriginal singer, Wingabanga Gumberumbul”, presumably a reference to Gurrumul Yunupingu. Professor Spurr calls the Prime Minister “gutless and hypocritical”, and blames his chief-of-staff Peta Credlin for the appearance of an ‘Abo’ singer.

“We have thousands of brilliant young Australians musicians, including the wonderful Nicole Car (who would wear her bra under her dress) currently on the brink of an international operatic career. Why aren’t they asked to perform? Abbott’s to blame for this. This is his day with them, his reception. He should have put his foot down and said, ‘No more Abos’. But he’s as gutless and hypocritical of the rest of them. No doubt Peta Whatsername said ‘Do it Tony. It makes you look like a sensitive guy’.”

In January this year, he writes that “Abo Lover Abbott and [Australian of the Year] Adam Goodes” are Siamese Twins and will have to be surgically separated.


In October 2013, he sends a long email about an Aboriginal family who lives down the road from him in inner western Sydney. He describes them as a ‘human rubbish tip’ and mocks Vice-Chancellor of Sydney University, Michael Spence for his support of Aboriginal people and culture under an email headed ‘Ancient Wisdom’.

“These are the people whose ‘ancient wisdom’, our V-C says, we should respect, and to whom we apologise on every possible occasion and whose rich culture we bow down before, confessing our wickedness in our mistreatment of them.

“All very well when you’re living in a multi-million dollar mansion in Woolahra (sic), to spout these feel-good emotions from a safe distance. I wonder how he’d like these manifestations of ancient wisdom living next door. The immediate neighbours tell me it has been hell on earth and, of course, their property values have plummeted. They’re living next door to a rubbish tip: human and material.”

Several of his emails direct friends and colleagues to Youtube videos which celebrate the British Monarchy and deride people of colour.

In one email from February 2013, headed “Look at 11.20 – no fatties, darkies or chinky-poos”, Professor Spurr urges recipients to celebrate an Australian school or church which appears to be made up entirely of white children.


In another email a year later, he links to a video which compares London in 1927 with London in 2013. Professor Spurr writes: “A delight until things turn sour around 4:00 with the emergence of the darkies.”

He also manages to line up Aboriginal people, Asians, Muslims, women and anyone obese in a single email sent a few days earlier, commenting: “No Abos, Chinky-poos, Mussies, graffiti, piercings, jeans, tattoos. BCP (Book of Common Prayer) in all Anglican chruches (sic); Latin Mass in all Roman ones. Not a woman to be seen in a sanctuary (church) anywhere. And no obese fatsoes. All the kiddies slim and bright eyed. Now utterly gone with the wind,” he writes.

In his correspondence to New Matilda, Professor Spurr alleges that New Matilda’s access to his emails was illegal.

“My lawyer informs me that accessing my email is ‘a criminal offence’ and the university’s security service is currently looking into the matter,” he writes.

New Matilda rejects any suggestion it has been involved in any criminal offence.

New Matilda is awaiting comment from Education Minister Christopher Pyne. New Matilda is also awaiting response from the Prime Minister.

– Additional reporting: Amy McQuire and Max Chalmers.

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  1. I suspect he’s right about the origin of these emails, Chris – they’re completely OTT, to the point of being ludicrous. Which isn’t to say that this bloke is to be taken seriously at anything, of course …
    I do hope SLAM has been doing as suggested by The Australian journalist !

  2. The creep looks like the love child of J Edgar Hoover and Aleister Crowley.

  3. Appreciate what you’re saying M-R. But I’ve read all the correspondence. They were not jokes.

    • Of course they weren’t. “A whimsical linguistic game”? What is whimsical about a game that goes to the depths of calling a victim of sexual assault a “worthless slut” who should have some else besides a penis stuck in her mouth before it sewn up.

      This is not a person who should be allowed with cooee of an educational institution. Calling him a disgrace seems far too mild.

  4. None of you politically correct faggots can refute what he said. He saying what the rest of us with any intelligence left are thinking, but can’t say out loud. He’s right and I’ll add to it that this generation is worthless; it’s become a crime to defend your country.

    Furthermore, you have no right to take what Professor Spurr said in private and reveal it to the world, you should be ashamed.

    • Glad I'm not Brent says:

      Hey Brent. If you don’t love it, leave.
      Explaining to you why this is wrong would be pointless, as you clearly lack the intellect necessary to ingest such an idea. Perhaps when you have a daughter and she is raped, then insulted for it, you’ll understand. I don’t wish that on you at all, but sadly I think that’s what it would take. I truly pity you, you poor pathetic thing.

      • Don’t tell me to leave, cuck. I’m the one who is defending his country and you are the one who is giving it away. You’re not more intelligent than me or you would know there are innate differences between the races and thus reasons why they should be segregated. I don’t know what the context surrounding what Professor Spurr said about a whore and I have a feeling you don’t either. There will be more rape if this country keeps inviting in Negroes and Arabs, especially the Muslims. Did you know that in Sweden 90% of rape is committed by immigrant Muslims, who are less than 10% of the population? Don’t talk to me about intelligence you halfwit.

        • Glad I'm not Brent says:

          I’ll tell you whatever the hell I wish to. I know it will serve no purpose because you are completely unable to comprehend that this is Aboriginal land you are claiming as your own. Poor little man. Only able to feel good about yourself by putting others down. I sincerely hope you don’t breed, you would destroy your poor children, no doubt you would brainwash them with your archaic christian beliefs, unable to discern that this is EXACTLY what has caused the problems between races. You are perpetuating it, not solving it.

          I bet you will totally boycott all ideas that come from people who you want eradicated too – like air conditioning or universities, so as to not be hypocritical…. right?

          I know this will fall on deaf (ignorant) ears. You have clearly demonstrated your low level of understanding the world.

          You will probably hit back with more uneducated attacks, likely you will personally attack me, knowing this is an argument you’re not equipped to win. I won’t reply. You’ve had more of my time than I should have given anyway. You will most likely win in your own tiny mind. But let me ask you this: If you are SO right, then why has the KKK not spread and grown exponentially? Surely your “truth” is self-evident? Yet people who share my point of view are growing on a daily basis, becoming more enlightened.

          • Your arguments are weak and retarded and you’re clearly brainwashed. I don’t have time for more of this. I’ll just say that I’m going to have a lot of babies because I love my race and my culture.

    • Matthew Harper says:

      oh wow, you have started on such an intellectual level with the term “politically correct faggots”. Being sexist, racist and homophobe must be your crowning achievement in life. Thank fuck, your view and that of this “professor” are not shared by the majority of Australians. This conversation is above your pay grade. You run off now and play with your guns, conspiracy theories and KKK hood

  5. There you have it – Brent’s the reason why we published this story.

  6. NM you are doing our country a great service.

  7. Paul Saxby says:

    The depth of racial hatred and intolerance here shocks me. I know these people were enlisted by Pyne due their ideological sympathies, though this is complete and utter fascism in the ugliest sense of the word. How can a person with these views hold such a high profile position in a university?

    • Did you see the part where Spurr mentioned a video of an all-White Australian school in 1952? This country has been invaded by non-Whites and all-White schools are a rarity now. No shit people are going to hate the people who invade their country and deprive them of an upbringing with their own people. When will you stupid cucks learn? Maybe it’s just hormonal. You’ve either got the balls to defend yourself and your country or you don’t.

      • Matthew Harper says:

        Brent – I’m betting your balls are the same size as your brain: pea-sized. Don’t sprout your nazi white supremacist hate speech here. Go back to dressing up in your KKK hood and your delusional conspricy theories. Australia has no use for your hate speech

      • Brent – you stupid dickhead!! The fucking whites invaded this country in the first instance!!! So shut the fuck up before I stick my dick in your mouth.

        • Yes, the indigenous people of Australia should thank us for not scrubbing them off the face of the Earth. If you’re going to use foul language then make it actually have some meaning like I have.

          • I know a lot of aussie woman who love us blackfellas, sorry if your wife went black and never came back, im going clubbing tonite, look out

      • You are an idiot, Brent. I find your reasoning objectionable. A big disgrace!

  8. Judo-Christian culture is hardly what should be taught in the 21st century – a ancient culture based on a belief of a mythical old man in the sky. One has to question the IQ of anyone who believes in this fairy tale, just as we don’t believe in the old Greek or roman gods. We have a lot to learn from the first people of this land who could teach us their land management and avoid a holocaust. This guy is a moron.

  9. Brent is white supremisist Nazi filth, as is, it appears, the SU professor who is advising our crap Government. How did it come to this?

  10. It is people like you Brent and your admiration for Professor Spurr’s alleged emails that make me ashamed and embarrassed to call myself Australian. Your diatribe borders on hysterical and I just hope you realise one day that your supposed patriotism is a complete backwards step for Australia and the human race in general. Your reasoning is so non-sensical that I’m beginning to wonder if this whole thing is someone’s idea of a sick joke…

  11. Brent, what did our Diggers die for in the last WW? They died for nothing because you still exist, and all the racism in the world wont help you escape the fact that the global environment has changed and you are on the outer, your putrid unsustainable and totally anti-evolutionary (in fact suicidal) beliefs can only mean you and your racist, fascist, brothers and sisters can all go face off against each other and kill yourselves off one by one, because that is where your ideology will take us. You are an example of why this country should feel ashamed for the memory of our grandfathers and grandmothers who died during the big wars trying to stop people like you from destroying our beautiful world. Its such a pity that we may have to face off again despite them, because the loud, stupid people always scream louder and get more attention and because they always have the sounds of their own stupidity ringing in their ears, they are unable to hear anything intelligent. You are a disgrace Brent and your ilk, a disgrace to our diggers who stood up for our real culture, which we all know is the fair go, and they gave you the chance, they gave you a fair go, to be racist despite them all dying to give you that chance to wake up and join the global revolution. If you think you are patriotic and love your country, you dont, you hate, you couldnt love anything.

    • Lloyd Chilcott says:

      Thanks so much for your well written post. I attempted to respond to “Brent” but found myself so totally immersed in repetitive four-letter words that I decided to just take some Valium and descend into a “Make believe World”, unfortunately, Brent got there before me(It would be interesting to examine the ancestry of this Literary Genius). Evolution has failed in this particular instance, a Dodo has slipped through the cracks.

  12. Breaking news guys, Professor Spurr has been suspended following these allegations. USyd students have received an e-mail just then of this notification.

    • Good news – it seems highly inappropriate for this person to continue in his positions. I don’t buy the joke excuse. Hope the review is not a whitewash.

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