Paris Attacks Highlight Western Vulnerability, And Our Selective Grief And Outrage

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As France enters yet another period of mourning, Lebanon is just emerging from one. Not that you probably heard anything about it. Chris Graham reports. [Read more…]

From New Matilda: Curriculum Reviewer Barry Spurr Mocks ‘Abos, Mussies, Women, Chinky-Poos’

A University of Sydney Professor – employed by the federal government as a specialist consultant to review the national English curriculum – has described the Prime Minister as an “Abo lover” while at the same time advising the government to focus less on teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature in our nation’s schools, and place greater emphasis on western Judeo-Christian culture. [Read more…]

Utopia: An inside story

CEO of the Ampilatwatja Health Clinic Dave Smith is interviewed by internationally renowned journalist John Pilger, for the film Utopia, which premieres in Australia in January 2014.

CEO of the Ampilatwatja Health Clinic Dave Smith is interviewed by internationally renowned journalist John Pilger, for the film Utopia, which premieres in Australia in January 2014.

IN JANUARY 2014, the nation’s most famous ex-pat journalist John Pilger will launch his latest film in Australia. Two years in the making, Utopia is a feature length documentary that chronicles the ongoing plight of the First Australians and their fight for justice.

The film has a number of important themes. First, it serves as a testament to the struggle of Aboriginal people, and the truth that there has been a long resistance to the effects of invasion despite mainstream Australia’s determination to sanitize its past. Second, the film lambastes Australia for its failure to not only come to grips with its brutal history, but its frequent refusal to even acknowledge it. Thirdly, the film seeks to show that very little has changed since Pilger made his first film about Aboriginal Australia – Secret Country – in 1985. Utopia shines a light on the denial of justice to Aboriginal Australians – the withholding of basic rights like treaty and self-determination – but also the denial of basic services which all Australians expect as a right of citizenry. [Read more…]

Freestyling Tony goes a pledge too far

Top-end-Tony_1WHEN Tony Abbott, a month out from the 2013 election, decided to ‘riff it freestyle’ during a speech at the annual Garma Festival, it’s reasonable to assume that the hearts of his advisers were in their mouths, writes CHRIS GRAHAM*. [Read more…]

VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE: How black Australia rejected Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott... he wants to be the 'Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs'.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott… he wants to be the ‘Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs’.

TONY Abbott is the new ‘Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs’. One problem: no-one bothered to ask Aboriginal people if they even wanted him. It turns out they didn’t, if the most in-depth analysis of Aboriginal voting intentions ever conducted is anything to go by. CHRIS GRAHAM explains. [Read more…]

Mumma mia… here we go again

Delta Goodrem's tweet promoting blackface.

Delta Goodrem’s tweet promoting blackface.

COMEDY is a personal thing, and I like mine political, particularly when white people come in for a pasting. Why? Because my career pretty much revolves around explaining to white Australians that we are not the master race. So I like the validation.

All that said, sadly, I never got to see Fear of a Brown Planet, the smash-hit comedy show by Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rahman which, by all accounts, goes a considerable way to evening up the score. [Read more…]

All quiet on the Western Front

Bourke-May-editionOF ALL the world’s trouble spots, it turns out the tiny NSW town of Bourke is the worst of them. No kidding. At least that’s the claim of the Sydney Morning Herald, which – after putting two and two together, and coming up with 86 – reported that Bourke was the most dangerous place on earth. We’re still not kidding. CHRIS GRAHAM* and CHRIS MUNRO* report from a town that is under siege not from terrorists with guns, but journalists with vivid imaginations. [Read more…]

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