THE DREAMING: Constitutional reform

IN THE course of human history, nations sometimes do very bad things. South Africa and Japan are a case in point. In 1948, South Africa introduced Apartheid, a regime designed to deny the majority black population the same rights enjoyed by whites.

Apartheid inevitably collapsed in 1994, amid sustained international outcry and economic and social sanctions.

In 1941, Japan attacked the United States, and went on to commit some of the worst crimes of modern warfare.

But today, the national character of both nations bears little resemblance to their dark past. Their reform began with accepting their own histories, and both nations put it in writing. [Read more…]


TRACKER managing editor Chris Graham presents his final video diary from Bowraville, where he is investigating the murders of three Aboriginal children in 1990. [Read more…]

Bowraville, NSW

SHOTS from Bowraville, on the NSW north coast. Bowraville is home to an important Aboriginal mission, where three children were abducted and murdered in the space of six months. The man responsible – a local whitefella – has never been tried twice, but never convicted.

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